I got my result today. I got 261. It’s a tough one. I even worried that I am gonna fail this one. For those who have taken NBME 7, my exam was a more extended and challenging version of NBME 7 for step 2 CK. But Some people got an exam resembling Uworld, so don’t worry.


Study materials used

Kaplan lecture notes for all subjects (IM, OG, Ped, Sur, Behavior);

MTB 2 for IM, MTB 3 for the rest,

UW Q-bank, Kaplan Flashcards.

That’s all I used.


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But the first thing to make clear is, all the stuff I read, including UW, only helped me with about 30% of exam questions, step 2 CK is an exam of decision making. But don’t be worried by my experience. Because there are exam days when people get UW like question, as I mentioned above.


I think the right way to study is doing more questions rather than reading the books. If you are not good with basics, then fine, please read the book, I was one too, and I read them. But if you are already good with them,please focus on doing more questions so your decision making will be stronger.



I took UWSA (got 265) and NBME 7 (got 267).


Exam day

Most things are Low-Yield topics, I honestly never read 60-70% of them before at all, but I realized since the start of step 2 CK, it’s a game of decision making so I decided what I think and chose them, that’s all it’s to it. NO drug ad in my exam. 2-3 Abstracts. Most questions are so vague like NBME 7. But don’t worry, what they want from you are your calmness and your decision-making, you can do it.


The last and most important advice is exam may be very hard.But don’t be depressed, don’t be struck down by their questions, the questions are designed to make us feel like this, but even I can do it although I thought I would fail, you all can do it too. Best of luck to you all.

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Doubt Solved by the Author


Doc…I m planning to start my NBMEs…I have my exam in a month…can you plz tell…which NBME should I begin with…and any info about NBME 4 and 5…which one to do near to exam…

It’s hard to decide because most people prefer to do NBME 4 or 6, but I did NBME 7 only, and the exam turned out to be like it, so vague like it, but doing NBME is quite helpless, if you did well, you would get confident, that’s all to it


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