As this group helped me a lot, I would like to share my exam experience with all of you.

Image - Ashish H. Sadolikar
Ashish H. Sadolikar

I am a final year medical student from India, currently doing my internship.


I prepared for the exam during my internship period. Started my study at the end of December.


First I went through all the Kaplan notes and MTB-2 and -3 while simultaneously doing UWorld in tutor mode subject wise. Scored average 68%.


Then I took NBME-4 online and scored 220!

At this point I felt devastated…

Did uworld again (2nd time, subjectwise) after reading MTB-2 and -3 and also studied first aid for neurology. This time I scored 80%. Then I solved CMS form-3 and -4 online for all subjects and the score was 19-24.


1 month before

I took my UWSA form-1, it was 250!


1 week before

Went again through UW really quick and solved UWSA-2 (score – 249).


Image - quote


5 days before

Final assessment was NBME-7 online, where I got 233.


Real exam score 255.



Real exam was similar to UWSA form-1 and -2.

NBME is shit; still, if you have time no harm in doing.


Any questions are welcomed and wish all of you best of luck.



Ashish H. Sadolikar



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    Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us.

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    Thank you and congratulations !!!

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