This is my experience. First of all, this was my first step. I was too worried to take it as the first one but I had to because my visa had few months to end. With someone who is literally average like me, and less preparation than the others. I never thought i’ll make it! And if I did, you can too!! Guess what? I took it in Philadelphia, where everybody else was an AMG.


My less preparation time was because I still have finals to do in the medical school. I took 28 days to prepare. My first two weeks was just reading the cases and practicing with someone through skype, where it was miserable because i was cheating all the time of what questions i gotta ask lol. Through time, i started to be more confident and make my own mnemonics. I watched a lot of videos also through that time.


Went to New York 2 weeks before my exam, and took the NYCS prep course because I didn’t have any idea about the patient note. So practicing a lot was the key to ace the patient note.


Stick to practicing a lot, even if it was for two weeks!! Choose the right partner, who doesn’t give compliments 👌


First aid, Kaplan cases were helpful, partner, and Patient Note practicing!!


Good luck all!



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