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My English level is above average. When I registered for TOEFL I didn’t really know what TOEFL is and what does it contain…Actually, I applied for a job somewhere and they asked me to submit the TOEFL with the score not less than 85. At that time I didn’t have any money to pay for the test…Then? What happened? One of my advisers at University got a feeling that I’m facing a serious issue… Making the long story short, He agreed to pay the test fee demanding that I should get 90/120 at least…. I was like alright!… I went back home thinking how am I gonna get that score… I have 2 weeks left…and someone is investing in me… With all that tension, stress and fear, I tightened my belt and I thought I would get there… I CAN DO IT!!!… Okay… I started looking up for the TOEFL test content, test time etc… After 3 days of search, I finally figured out that how I need to get through it… I started with the Full practice test at the very beginning and I got 66/120… I was really disappointed and wanted to tell my advisor that I can’t make it… But… I never wanted to give up either… So, I started doing each section day by day… 4 sections within 4 days… Now, almost a week left. Within that week I did 4 full practice tests in 4 days and my score started getting better and then I had a workshop to go for… and one day left… A day before the test, I just prepared templates and mentally prepared myself according to the test conditions… At last, I was all set to go for the test with very happy and smiling face… When I was returning back home, I was quite upset about my reading section because I expected 3 passages and was mentally prepared for that but actually, I got 4 in the test…Got nervous a little bit… Anyway, I couldn’t do well in reading… I kept going and did pretty well in the next sections and I did everything according to the PLAN…. I was hopeful of getting a good score but I was unsure of speaking and writing part because I didn’t have anyone around who could correct my mistakes etc. …. And now, I’m here with 103/120… My adviser is happy, I’m happy and more importantly, I’ve got a job offer too… Okay… that was my story and following are a few tips and tricks for you guys to ace the TOEFL…


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  1. Read novels, newspapers etc. to improve your reading ability and get ready for seeing some of the unseen words in TOEFL…  
  2. Listen to the TED talks, motivational lectures, CNN, ABC, BBC, etc. for getting your ears familiar with the English accent, pronunciation etc.
  3. Speak with the native speakers or find a partner who is good at speaking English or the one who has lived in English speaking countries etc. … try to speak with yourself while walking, while taking a bath etc…. It sounds funny but it works… record your voice and listen to it… Another very important thing is to finish your answer within the specified time… Now I know, that really matters…  
  4. For writing, Use the templates and try to write at least 300 words for the Integrated essay and 450-500 words for Independent essay and practice doing it within defined time… That’s what I did…
  5. And just to let you know that I used online resources (TOEFL resources, Notefull, TestDen, TPOs etc.) for preparation and no need to read those bulky books when you don’t have enough time to prepare…
  6. Get in touch with those who have taken the test already.Final words!
  7. Don’t get distracted during the test. Stay Focused! Stay confident while you take the test. Calm yourself down. Drink water and feel relaxed because It is gonna take almost 4 hours…



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Doubts Solved by the Author

These questions were asked by different people and answered by the author Arslan Siddique. Collected, organized, and edited by Arnab Mukherjee.


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Q – I only have one month for preparation. Any suggestion for improve reading and listening comprehension?
A – Read novels and newspapers and Pay attention while listening…

Q – I have a question, how to enhance my writing skills?
A – Try writing on different familiar topics… It will improve as the time goes by…

Q – Even I understand everything in the reading passages I can’t improve my score than 20 what should I do? Please give some tips
A – Try to improve the questions that you get wrong every time…e.g. Summary questions, Insert text questions, Highlighted text questions… etc.


Q – Which template do you use in speaking? Can you tell questions 1, 2 speaking and independent essays?
A – You can check with TOEFL resources or Notefull.




Arslan Siddique




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