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Part 4

My IELTS Experience and PLAB 1 Timeline

My IELTS Experience

I got my IELTS result today (23rd July, 2014). I got

Image - Dr. Naseer Khan
Dr. Naseer Khan

Listening 7.5

Reading 8.5

Writing 7.5

Speaking 7.5

Overall 8.0


The page (“IELTS practice group” on Facebook) helped me a lot. I want to thank everyone there who read my essays and commented on them with advice.


I started my prep on 16th April 2014. I took my test on 10th July 2014. I did listening and reading from Cambridge books.



The key for listening is practice. The more I practiced, the better I got. For listening, you have to be completely focused and gather all your concentration.



For reading, I preferred to read the passage first and the questions after that. While reading the passage, I used to underline all the nouns, all the dates, and any other significant data. It helped when I had to search for answers.



I had trouble with Writing. Someone advised me to read all the sample answers from the Cambridge books. That helped. After that, I started writing on Facebook. I wrote on my notebook too. I wrote around a dozen Task 1 and a dozen Task 2. That helped the most.



For speaking, I didn’t practice much. Just go through the Speaking tests from Cambridge books. The questions in my speaking test were mostly from those practice tests.


Image showing night view of London


My PLAB 1 Timeline

This was my timeline during my preparation for PLAB 1 during 2014.

FebMaster the BoardsBlunder
MarchMaster the BoardsBlunder
AprilOHCM, OHCSHuge Mistake
MayIELTS prep
JuneIELTS prep
August1700 + 7 mocks
SeptemberNotes + Samson’s Q bank
NovemberDid not study
25 NovemberExamPassed


Please go through My PLAB 1 Experience, which I recently updated, to get an idea as to how I studied for PLAB 1.



Image - Dr Naseer Khan
Dr Naseer Khan



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