“The best motivation comes not from the motivational speakers, but from the people who went through the journey you are on”


That’s true! So, we started this new feature on the website. From now on anyone can send their own quotes to us and the best one will be published under the name of the author almost every week.


Let your thought be heard!


You can submit your quote using the Article submission form in the sidebar or send it to the email admin@theparadigmshiftgroup.com. Please make sure the quote wasn’t already published by someone else. Also write the name you want to show as the author of the quote.


If you get any problem with the process please let us know on the support forum.


  • Anonymous Reply

    I am interested, please tell me how to submit it. Should I send to the admin@theparadigmshiftgroup.com – this email address or upload it via the article submission form in the sidebar? Thanks in advance.

    • Anonymous

      I sent them some motivational stuffs. used sidebar form and got their response via email. So I think you can use the same method.

  • Anonymous Reply

    Me too

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