Please don’t ask for my score, I intentionally withhold it for personal reasons, but be rest assured my score was greater that 80%

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Janet Williams


Kaplan online videos (Anatomy and embryo, biostatistics and neuroscience only)
Lecturio online videos (Cardiovascular, renal and pulmonary Pathology Videos only)
Kaplan qbank
Firecracker flash cards
I am a Caribbean IMG and so my first 2 years was geared towards USMLE step 1. After my 2 years, I had about 2months and a half to study for the exam dedicatedly
After my last term in school, I was done with about 50% of Uworld (first pass). I did the remaining Uworld in 1 month (all through January).
For certain subjects like Micro, pharma, and Biochem, I did flash cards, 30 minutes each every day for 2 months.
Most of my NBMEs didn’t differ much from the other and didn’t differ much from my actual score either. I used the NBMEs to understand my weaknesses, discover the reasons for my mistakes and adjust my thinking accordingly. I also had a study Partner to discuss my wrong questions and her wrong questions and that was invaluable to my success.
Practice doing 7-hour blocks to mimic how you would want your Exam day to look like.
In the last 2 weeks of my prep, I mostly did about 2-3 blocks of uworld and just read the explanations or read the corresponding parts of the Firecracker cards. But for the most part, I did firecracker flash cards for the last 2 weeks before my exam.

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If you have seen my schedule that I posted, you will realize that I kept a pretty tight schedule close to 12- 13 hours a day. It’s important to take some days off in order to refresh. I took all Sundays off for that and to avoid the burnout.

Stay focused and don’t lose heart, the harder the battle, the bigger the glory.

God bless you all.



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