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This is a simple set of rules for the members of this community.


This forum is a part of our everyday study and entertainment, if not more…so we tried to keep this part of our life as smooth and flexible as possible. The list is far from complete (as a member or user you have to clearly read and understand the  Terms of Services), it is just to check out the salient points.


For All Members

  1. Encourage each other, please don’t make any abusive comments regarding others activity,
  2. Please don’t spam, we hate to block people for this reason only (though we will),
  3. Ask any doubt you have, except political, religious, and other sensitive topics. If you find anything that resembles abusive comment, personal attack, spam, please report the content.
  4. Avoid using abbreviations, if at all necessary please mention the full term at some point of your answer,
  5. Don’t use shorthand,
  6. Use proper tags to attract attention of other users, specific tag use was proved to help get replied,


For Moderators

  1. Read the posts or comments reported by members and take necessary steps,
  2. You have every right to block a member if s(he) is spamming,
  3. Please make sure your action should not discourage any member from participating in the discussions,
  4. In case of any reported content with controversy report it to the admins,


For Admins

  1. Execute your powers only to ensure smoothly running discussions,
  2. Read the reported contents from members and moderators, take necessary steps where ever necessary,
  3. Take care of the technical issues,
  4. Make the service accessible to everyone  regardless of age, disability, race, nationality, ethnic or national origin, gender, religion, sexual orientation or personal circumstances,
  5. Participate in the discussions.


Most of these rules are a matter of common sense. For any related questions please ask at the Support Forum.

N.B. Please read our Terms of Services to know your duties and rights in this community.