first of all I want thank Allah and my mom who give me support during my all journey and my
girlfriend who withstand alot for me and friends of me who were there when I needed them

I want thank people on FB groups >>> USMLE Step 2 CK Study Group and The Embience group
thanks for everyperson who help me by any way , really you are amazing people and because of this I
am writing today to give back something so I hope it will help

so my exam day was 22/11/2017 at Cairo, Egypt

I prefer to be my start point is step 1 , I did my step 1 exam at 5/10/2016 and got score 252 so I would
recommend everyperson who is about to start preparation and confused with which step to start , I will
say start with step 1 for sure , it is not related to how many questions from step 1 you will get in your CK
exam but it will give you strong base to start from through your journey
and really there is no better than first aid of step 1 to start with the all journey >> this is the holy book
which you should master for step 1 and I recommend use as a referrence for your CK preparation
now I will speak about my CK study and later I will say what I recommend people to avoid as I did
some mistakes which I don’t want people fall in them

so after my step 1 , I couldn’t start CK directly as I am Egyptian and had to spend my obilgatory one year
military service , only Egyptian who can imagine this how it was , but I would say for Egyptian exploit this
year to achieve your goal and don’t lose it


so I needed around 3 months to adapt to Army (every day I was there from 6 am I go from my home and
come back around 4:00 pm so 1/3 of my day I was there so my studying hours was about 5 hours even in
some days specially winter days come back later so sleep and later wake up to go again ) and be able to
start my study , exactly I started at mid of Jaunary 2017
I started with reading MTB 2 for internal medicine and MTB 3 for rest and while these I felt those books
are too deficient in Knowledge and information for example dementia topic in MTB 2 so while reading I
tried to read from my First aid of step 1 also to cover this deficient knowledge, it takes around 1.5
I had to continue with MTB during my prepartion as I make some notes in them and that the only reason
I continued use them , and I recommend people to skip MTB and don’t use if you just start now
after my first read I started again read MTB and FA branch by branch and do its questions from UW so
let’s speak about UW

UW is your holy source for CK and I can say it can be your sole source if you did step 1 and have a strong
I did UW offline , I didn’t do online , I did it once system wise and take my notes but in some topics , I
was solving on mobile and mark my notes and later take my notes on laptop so for some topics it can be
I read twice
UW CK is different than of step 1 as it has a lot of knowledge and tables so it really takes time to do it so
for example in step 1 >> I could do like 2 blocks in one day
for CK if you finish block in day , really you did a great job as it can be only 20 questions as I know some
people can be worried as regard this point as it made me when I compare with step 1
actually I took long time to finish UW specially because of Army duties and sometimes stop studying so I
start from late March till start of September so it is about 6 months and I recommend people not take
so much time like this but I can say that during this can be 3 months I have so slow rate or no study at all
finally I finished UW with 83.82% correct questions and I calculated this percent for myself
after finish this 2nd read I started the 3rd read and I was confused how I should do so I decide to go over
all subjects again and read my UW notes as I felt that a lot of things I forgot because of long time I took
while solve UW , after that I was doing NBME and CMS and take notes from them
I did NBME 4,6,7 all offine and CMS all except those from emergency but I could see some questions
people sent on the FB groups
I didn’t do NBME 8 although it was released as I didn’t want try something new before exam and I don’t
know if it is near exam style
I started with NBME 6 with 17 mistakes , I was overconfident and planned to take UWSA online I did
UWSA 1 30 days exactly before my exam date and I did a lot of mistakes I hope other people will avoid at self assistment
as in UWSA there is no tutorial so I didn’t remember well how to use , I had internet problem and didn’t
sleep well or eat breakfast , people may think it is stupid problems but really I want you avoid and
prepare conditions well for self assistment to be like actual exam
all these make me not concentrating well in my first block and I felt horrible while doing it and biggest
problem I did that I checked how I did in first block before continue all assistment and here I was
shocked as I found I did only 78% correct with 9 mistakes in just one block
I felt horrible so I did this in just one block and even it is UWSA 1 which is easy so how will be the rest , I
started 2nd block and I was not focus at all and at about the 11th question I decide to quit self
assistment as I can’t continue while not focusing , I called one friend and he said me that’s ok and
normal and you will score above 250


I decide not continue UWSA 1 at same day and even not second day and by those days , I did some CMS
offline using times to practice time mode and while this I was confused if I should postpone my exam
and for some private matters if I took such decision I will not be able to take exam in next month (last
month of my eliglibity period) so it means I will have to make extension, it was horrible feelings of worry
, on the 3rd day I continued my UWSA 1 and got score 256 with 35 mistakes.
I felt good as I expected more less than this with all these mistakes
and here I recommend for people while doing self assistment to do

> to care about sleep and eat and have good mode to have full concentration
> to practice tutorial from NBME website to get used and don’t panic while answer
> to practice time mode before giving self-assistment
> never never check your performance before you complete your all test
> there is one fact I releazed from CK that you can have a lot of mistakes and still score high at self
assistment and actual exam unlike step 1 as in step 1 to be above 250 , you should have less than 25
after this experience of UWSA 1 I felt worried as I am required higher than my step 1 score and specially
all people speak it is more easy than UWSA 2 which is more near actual exam
I started to do rest of CMS , in CMS average number of mistakes I had around 7 mistakes for every 50
by this time near exam I had to come back to my job at university as radiology resident after finish army
and I have to be there about 6 hours daily because of this I chose radiology although I don’t like much to
be able to study
so with work I could only solve quuestions from CMS as I have no too much time
so while this I did NBME 7 early as I heard it is tough exam not to be disappointed if I did so near from
exam>> I got 24 mistakes
I did also fred questions with 11 mistakes and 90.83% correct it was like 10 days before exams
by this time I decide to take holiday from job so I had maybe 8 days before exam and was planning to do
a lot of things like doing my wrong questions from UW again or read tables but even while free from
work , time was not much to do all this
I just did rest of CMS
I did NBME 4 around one week before exam with 9 mistakes


I give my UWSA2 >> 6 days before exam and tried to avoid my previous mistakes
but I felt I had problem with time even in my first block I missed one question and later in next block
also one question I couldn’t answer
I felt worried while answering and start feel I will have to postpone , but I decide from before if I scored
above 250 >> I will go for exam
finally I got 258 in UWSA 2 with 31 mistakes with 79% correct questions
I was not so happy but I decide to go for exam , as it is too much time for prepartion and I felt it was my
best what I did , so what’s more I am going to add >> no thing
I did notes from UWSA 2 ,and started to read topics I feel I am confused about like for example knee
pain etc.. ; read all Psychiatry and biostatistics from FA step 1 and my U-world notes
days before exams I didn’t adjust my sleep time well and 2 night before exam I decide to sleep less to be
able to sleep at exam’s night
night before exam I went sleep at 11:00, here comes the the 2nd horrible thing I couldn’t fall sleep , I did
everything possible , I change the room , close lights , but no way could make me fall sleep , so I realized
I will go without sleep
so at 5:45 am I started to move from my home , it was horrible feeling that I didn’t sleep , I felt worry
about my concentration >> it is 9 hours but once it started , it passed fast as you will not feel time while
at exam’s room and you will have rush of epinephrine even I felt still having it for days after exams
at exam I manage my time in this way
I decide to take 3 blocks at first with rest 2-3 mintues inbetween each block while in place and later I
took 10 mintues break out and next did 2 blocks more with rest 3 mintues in between and later took my
long break for 20 mintues to eat and pray so before this break I finished more than 50% of exam ( 5
blocks) so it is good feeling
after I did 2 blocks with rest 5 mintues at my place and later took 3rd break outside for 10 minutes and
later I did my last block , even after I still had 5 minutes from my break time left


really after exam was most important that I took exam what ever well be the results
about exam most challenging is the time
so I recommend for people to be careful as regard it as for example in step 1 exam I entered last block
while have 2 minutes less as I took long break but in step 1 , that’s ok as you can have 5 mintues for
in CK it is different as maximum I had like 2 minutes for revision and even sometime you just press your
last question and block is closed
so if you will lose one minute from your block time >> for big percent you are going to lose one question
without answer
so I recommend

> to practice time mode questions even while offline and random mode
> not over mark questions , maximum 3 questions as you are not sure if you will go over again
> try while answer questions to read the last paragraph in the case and what is required if dignosis ot
next step etc…
as you can find clue to answer question without reading all case so you save time >>> like for example
on blood smear there was bite cells so you know it is G6PD def. but if you are not sure 100% it is correct
answer in this case go over the all question


> some questions are so long so it is so critical to manage time
exam length like UWSA but not like NBME or CMS
>> as regard abstract I got one with 3 questions at my 4th block and it was so long and if I am going to
read it I would not answer questions
so keep abstract last thing to do at your block , I saw someone who advice this here on group and it was
helpful for me
I recommend to read conculsion from abstract specially as really I had so long one at exam so I just read
conculsion and it was enough also read head of every question to know what you are searching for in
the abstract
as regard biostatics in CK it is a little different than step 1 and it takes time to answer
as in CK it is not required from you to just calculate just sensitivity like step 1
in CK question style is to give you the case and latter he give you answers
sensitivity is …
specificity is …
PPV is …
NPV is …
so you may be required to calculate all this at one question searching for the correct answer
so focus while answer and be faster in manage this
exams questions were same concepts of UW , there is no a lot of starnge questions like in step 1
I didn’t like ECG quetions maybe because I am not so good at it so practice it good
auscaltation questions were clear and read history well as it will guide you


finally I repeat again UW is the holy source but as I said it takes time to do in step 2 as it is a lot of
knowledge so I recommend the following to avoid my mistakes and I wish if I did this from start

> to do on computer and copy and paste your notes and make in word file and later print as it will save
you a lot of time as I lost a lot of time while making handwriting notes but later I did about half UW in
that way copy and paste
> it is the best when you do your own notes as you exactly every single word you write down
> do UW more than once and practice time mode and random mode even if offline
> print the UW tables and master it
> if your only source will be the UW so read every word in it even the wrong answer explaniations
> UWorld is enough really , I had feelings I am deficient in Pediatrics and obs. and gyne. and surgery
while preparing and that I may need more source for them but I repeat again U-world is enough if you
master it
>>recommend not lose time on MTB like I did and just go for UW if you did step 1
>> use your First aid of step 1 if you are going to use books in stead of MTB
>> all people must do biostatic and behavioural and Psychiatry from FA with UW
>>try as much as you can to not make your preparation so long and start as fast as possible after step 1
, I think people can do it in 5 months and get great score as well


>> manage your sleep time and adjust it well , recommend to do so like one month before exam not to
have problem later
>> I didn’t do UW step 3
>> didn’t do NBME 8 as I said before or old NBME 1 , 2 , 3
>> didn’t do videos , I watch some DIT at first of preparation and didn’t like at all , they are deficient
unlike in step 1 so don’t lose time on videos
sorry if it was so long story but I wanted to write most of the circumstances I had
it can be some languages mistakes , remember it is not my native language :D
still I can’t believe I get this score and from time to time open the report to ensure it is me :D
wish everybody will have that feeling of happiness :D
wish everybody all the best and will have great score as well
just do your best and leave the rest for Allah , as much as you do , you will get
it takes my about 3 hours to write all this down but finally I hope it will be helpful for people
remember me in your prayers

with love

Feel free to comment here,