Number of missing links

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    Missing links are the bridging parts of two species of organisms. They help us know the path of evolution and also help to confirm theories regarding the evolution of a particular species. So infact they are invaluable in the matter of academic studies on evolution. But the problem is we don’t have many existing organisms that are missing link in our nature. If they are a part of the process of development of the organisms, they should be as common as the organisms themselves. So why they are so limited in number?


    We found archeopterix as a fossil…what actually was the cause of extinction of those organisms? Are they unable to fight the struggle for existance? or they are just for the purpose of forming the bridge?


    It may also be due to the fact that evolution itself is a wrong theory…is there any possibility?


    I shall add more of such related evidences of less number of such missing links. But is there any explanation for this question?

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