What is the Definition of Anemia?

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    What is the actual definition of anemia, I got the following results

    1. “decrease in Red Blood Cell mass” – Pathoma video lectures

    2. “Anemia is defined as a reduction of the total circulating red cell mass below normal limit” – Pathologic Basis of Disease, Robbins & Cotran (2014, vol 1)

    3. ” The condition of having a lower-than-normal number of red blood cells or quantity of hemoglobin.” – Medicinenet

    4. “Anemia is a condition that develops when your blood lacks enough healthy red blood cells or hemoglobin.” – WebMD

    5. “Anemia, also spelled anaemia, is usually defined as a decrease in the total amount of red blood cells (RBCs) or hemoglobin in the blood.” – Wikipedia ( last modified on 15 February 2017, at 02:10.)

    6. “Anemia is a condition in which you don’t have enough healthy red blood cells to carry adequate oxygen to the body’s tissues.” – Mayo Clinic

    7. “a condition in which the blood is deficient in red blood cells, in hemoglobin, or in total volume” – Merriam-Webster Dictionary

    8. “Anemia (uh-NEE-me-uh) is a condition in which your blood has a lower than normal number of red blood cells. Anemia also can occur if your red blood cells don’t contain enough hemoglobin (HEE-muh-glow-bin).” – NCBI-NIH


    We can see the definition provided by different organizations have a very different meaning and requisite. So, what is a well accepted definition of anemia then?

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