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    Salam Alaikum Bilal,

    Many congratulations on your score. I am delighted to read your experience. I have a question for you please. I took my Step 1 yesterday. I was well prepared and found the exam easy. Of course, there were few hard questions but overall it was easy. However, I was not able to fall asleep the night before and felt sleepy and had headache during the exam. I was not able to focus much. Moreover, I started over thinking few questions and changed my answers of 4-5 questions that I initially had it right. I am extremely sad and disappointed and think I might have messed up upto 25 questions (both hard and easy). I was wondering if you could help me guesstimate my score with your experience. Firstly, how did you feel about your exam? Did you find it easy overall? Secondly, how many questions overall do you think you got wrong before you received your score? I know there is no correlation but just wanted to know so that I can know what to expect on my end.


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    Don’t worry. Just relax now. Hard work is done and it will pay off. Number of questions wrong and scores are just our guess, examiners know the reality.
    Its my thinking regarding scoring.
    1st point to consider is that some questions are Not included in scoring i.e. the experimental ones so we don’t know how many we get wrong.
    2nd point. Its my analysis ( maybe wrong ) that easy exam will end up 265 odd with only as less as <10 mistakes while tough exam overall can have 260 with 15 odd mistakes. 250 with 20-25.
    I had mixed feeling but knew that i had got almost 10-12 questions wrong. I don’t know how many of them were experimental.

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