Oxytocin for abortion

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    Chetan Mahanti

    Oxytocin contacts uterine muscles. So why isn’t it used for abortion? As far I know it is a very good (powerful) muscle contracting substance.

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    Rohit Mehta

    The receptors for oxytocin upregulated in the uterine smooth muscles at the end of gestational period. So even if the oxytocin concentration is high in blood, there is inadequate contraction except for term uterus.

    We perform abortion much before the term (usually). So oxytocin at that time don’t have much effect on the contraction of uterine myometrium. That is why we don’t use oxytocin for abortion even if it is a very good muscle contracting substance.

    Hope this helps.😀

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      Sophia Bowen

      I would like to add a small part to Rohit’s answer.

      Oxytocin is sometimes used in the abortion of second trimester pregnancy. Because after certain gestational age (somewhere in early second trimester) the dilatation-and-evacuation process (which is the most preferred process in first trimester abortion) becomes ineffective. So, the abortions done after that is by chemical inducer – and thus the name comes – “Induced Abortion”.

      I agree with Rohit on the matter that abortion this late or after second trimester holds ethical restrictions. Thus induced abortion of second trimester is NOT a very common procedure.

      Now to your question – during this induced abortion OXYTOCIN can is one of the choices – as the receptors of oxytocin is sufficient in amount by this time of gestation.

      So, in a line – oxytocin can be used for abortion though not preferred in common practice.

      This induced abortion of second trimester is done only in good-facility hospitals as it has a very high risk for the mother too.

      One more info that is not directly related to the answer but I think I should mention is that oxytocin is used to empty the uterus after a normal vaginal delivery – by the same mechanism used for induced abortion – contraction of myometrium. It also may have effect in decreasing PPH by chocking the blood vessels inside myometrium.

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