Meaning of Claudication

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    The term claudication is used in relation to leg pain and jaw pain. What is the exact use of the term? I mean how it differs from other the term pain?

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    Bisakh Yovakov

    Claudication means – “Claudication is a medical term usually referring to impairment in walking, or pain, discomfort or tiredness in the legs that occurs during walking and is relieved by rest” (Wikipedia).


    It usually occurs due to obstruction of blood supply of muscles through arteries, so is commonly seen in peripheral vascular disease (PVD) or peripheral arterial disease (PAD), like Buerger’s disease. Most commonly affected muscle is cuff muscles, of pain in leg during walking is the most common symptoms with which the person presents.


    But is can also be present in other muscles like masseter (Jaw muscle).

    The pain usually subsides on rest, but sometimes may happen even in rest.


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