Death only due to pain

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    Jessica Jordon

    can a person die only because of pain?😭 I mean if the pain is so severe that the person die of it. And I am asking only if pain is the cause, not the etiology causing the pain. 😱

    Please describe in details with the mechanism if there is any such thing😜

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    Interesting question @Jessica,


    I would like to clarify the question before answering it.


    “Can a person die only because on pain?😭” = pain is usually caused by some underlying pathology or even sometimes physiological changes. Death in a person suffering form pain is most commonly due to the etiology (underlying cause). But pain itself can trigger some pathologic event or process, which ultimately may be fatal. As these triggered events or processes are because of pain, I am considering them also in my answer.


    “I mean if the pain is so severe that the person die of it. And I am asking only if pain is the cause, not the etiology causing the pain. 😱” = this part is quite self-explanatory. Nice emoji by the way (I am using my pc, so don’t know how to use emoji here).


    Pain as the cause of death –


    1. pain cause sympathetic stimulation, leading to peripheral vasoconstriction, tachycardia etc. The result of increased blood flow may lead to cerebrovascular accident (stroke).


    2. the sympathetic stimulation lead to tachycardia which increased the oxygen demand of cardiomyocyte, this may cause sudden myocardial infarction in susceptable people.


    3. severe pain may lead to vaso-vagal attack which can be fatal due to sudden bradycardia, arrhythmia or heart failure.


    4. severe pain also release catecholamines in blood, which have similar actions to sympathetic stimulation (in fact sympathetic stimulation works using catecholamines but in a different way).


    5. pain triggers stress hormone secretion. The chief function of these hormones is to prepare body to withstand stress. They cause increase in blood glucose level (by gluconeogenesis, glycolysis)


    6. stress hormone is released due to secretion of ACTH form the pituitary gland. severe pain may lead to exhaustion of this hormone as a result of large amount of secretion of them. This may cause sudden adrenal insufficiency. The body loses the ability to fight otherwise inocuous stress factors and the person may die if the condition doesn’t improve for considerable amount of time.


    7. chronic pain lead to depression and mental status changes, which may make the person suicidal. You can read many records of euthanasia, mercy killing, physician assisted suicide (PAS), physician assisted death (PAD) etc. The person may commit suicide by other methods also.


    8. Severe pain can cause neurogenic shock, which can lead to death.


    9. psychological pain sometimes lead to Takotsubo cardiomyopathy or broken heart syndrome. The mecahnism is not fully confirmed, but this certainly is sometimes fatal.


    10. endocrine dysfuncton – chronic pain lead to abnomalities in the endocrine system in the body, this triggers other diseases and can be a cause of death.


    11. sometimes acute psychological pain may cause death, like after death of a partner the other one dies suddenly…mechanism is not clear. But not all deaths in such situation is due to pain only. sometimes the other person ignores taking food, water, drugs, insulin etc that can also be the cause.


    Thank you.

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