Cost of Residency Journey for IMGs

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    Dhrubh Singh

    Hi, I am new in this community. Can anyone please tell me what is the total cost of the journey to residency. I am an IMG from India and currently preparing for Step 1 exam. So I was curious what would be the total expense from Step 1 to starting the residency.

    Thank you. Good luck.

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    Sophia Bowen

    One of my seniors wrote a list on the total expense. He also sent me a copy. it was back in 2015 or 16 probably. So please check the USMLE website for the recent changes in exam fees etc. I am just copy-pasting the list here –

    65$ ECFMG application.
    1015$ step 1
    865$ for the test
    150$ for taking the test in india
    1030$ ck
    865$ for the test
    165$ for taking the test in india
    70$ Extension of eligibility period for step 1 or ck
    165$ UW step 1 for 1 month
    149$ UW step 2 CK for 1 month
    50$ UW Step 2 CS for 1 month
    60$ per one NBME
    1505$ CS
    700$ one round plane ticket for CS exam
    800$ Accommodation, food and transport for the CS exam.
    815$ step 3
    So, If you’ve taken 1 month UW and 3 NBMEs before step 1 and didn’t extend the eligibility period, then did the same but extended the eligibility for CK then you’ve taken CS and only practiced with a study partner without taking any courses and you decided to take step 3 after you’ve started your residency, note that 1, CK and CS must be passed before being ECFMG certified but not necessarily step 3, the total cost would be:
    65$ application + 1360$ step 1 + 1429$ Step 2 CK + 3005$ Step 2 CS
    5,900$ for the 3 exams without factoring in the books and any courses you’ll take.
    105$ ERAS token
    75$ transcript
    465$ J1 visa
    35$ CVS
    95+10*10+16*10+26*170 = 4420$ application for 200 programs
    95+10*10+16*10+26*120 = 3120$ application for 150 programs
    700$ for a round trip for interviews
    850$ average cost of an interview
    1200$ per month for staying in stationary base during Interview season
    You’ve applied for 200 Internal medicine programs, the cost doesn’t depend on the specialty or applying for a backup specialty it only depends on the number of programs you’ll be applying to, got 6 interviews which you clustered in Dec and Jan
    4600$ ERAS application + 465$ Visa + 700$ tickets + 5100$ traveling for interviews + 2400$ for the two months stay
    13,000$ for the Match season.

    Hope this helps.

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