Best time to take USMLE Step 1

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    Kohel Tanwar

    Hi everyone, I had a question…though it was asked lots of times in different Facebook forums, yet I didn’t get the specific answer I needed. So I am trying to clarify my question below. It would be a great help if you provide some answer.


    What is the best time to sit for USMLE Step 1 during one’s med school? In my country we study anatomy, physio, biochem in first year. Patho, physio, micro in second year. and clinical subjects in the third and fourth year. So most people say like – “You should appear after the second year, as the exam is about basic science topics.” But I think there is more. On recent exams the questions are getting more and more clinical oriented…so my question was shouldn’t it be better to sit for the exam after completing our third and fourth year. Because I think clinical information and application learned in the last two years of med school will help understand the questions better in the exam.


    What do you think…please explain…

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    Atufa Kaleem


    Actually this is according to everyone’s circumstances yes you are right that many clinical based Questions are asked in Step 1 but from doing question banks and UW you will learn the idea and concepts of question stems so its not a big problem if you give exam during your med School. If you are hard working and intelligent you can do it between your medical school years otherwise you can wait and give it after completing med school

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      Kohel Tanwar

      Thank you so much Atufa.


      So, solving UW & other question banks will give us sufficient knowledge on clinical topics. I also started reading Harrison and I think I will be able to finish it before my Step 1.


      You are really really helpful. Thank you : )

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      Abdul Rahman

      I had this same doubt, thank you.

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