Does caffeine actually enhance memory of the bees?

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    Recently I found in a research paper that caffeine is related to pollination. It says some plants secrete caffeine in to the nectre, which help the visitor bees to better remember the flower location and they repeatedly come back to the same flower location to drink nectre.

    This phenomena was related to the increased memory of the bees after consuming caffeine.

    My question is whether this increased memory is due to higher capacity or activity of the bee’s brain or just a caffeine seeking behavior ( like drug seeking behavior in human)? If it is related to memory, does it has any physical impact on the bee’s brain cells or just an increased activity?

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    Kevin Doe

    I don’t think it enhances memory of the bee, rather it attracts the bees to return back to the same type of flowers, like it attracts us to drink the same beverage. Bees return to the similar flowers not because of increased memory, but because they liked the flavor when they last time took their meal…at least I think so.

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      Kevin Doe

      By the way, it’s a nice question 😇 and I’m interested to know what other people says on this…😊😊.

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