Image showing the change in paradigm

The Paradigm Shift Group is an ambitious project aimed to create, collect and answer as many academic doubts as possible.

The community was created out of necessity for readily available and accessible authentic free high-quality study materials created by academic people (researchers, students, and professionals) and refined and edited by experts in their respective fields.



Our Principles

  1. Knowledge should be free (the contents on this website and our other services are free forever and for all, any specific condition like attribution or share-alike would be indicated with the content).
  2. Education should be interactive (everyone can participate in every aspect of this website from participating in the forum to writing articles, editing or even working as a team running the website – yes, the contents of this website are written by people like you. To join us please message from our Facebook page).
  3. Knowledge should reach everyone regardless of age, gender, disability or nationality. (all the contents are created in a way to make them more accessible to everyone).
  4. There should be fewer rules or at least they should be flexible enough to permit easy interaction (any rule or condition on this website can be changed if necessary; if you think there should be a change please let us know at our Support Forum).
  5. No question is stupid, a question that seems silly to someone today may be perfectly logical to someone else tomorrow (no question will be closed as inappropriate, provided it contains nothing forbidden in the forum rules).
  6. No one should be discouraged from asking questions (there is no down-vote option, criticism is okay, but any attempt to ridicule or personally attack someone is completely unacceptable).



The Logo

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The logo is based on a famous fresco by Raphael. It illustrates the discussion between Plato (left) and Aristotle (right).



How it Differs from Other Websites?

  1. We always keep the articles short and informative, so that the reader can get enough knowledge in a very short time.
  2. We write more concept oriented articles.
  3. We try to provide multimedia with the articles and make them available to everyone via social media platforms.
  4. The website has a dark background to ease reading for a long period.
  5. Multimedia files are made keeping in mind the people with disabilities. All video formats are provided with captions, have a dark background, with clear pronunciation and high contrast use of colors.
  6. All articles are provided with Read-later extensions (For Instapaper and Pocket) so that the reader can access them even when offline.
  7. The articles are in downloadable format. We also provided a “print” option (in “share” button).